Medical/Dental Offices


St. Joseph's - Medical Plaza

St. Joseph's Medical Plaza, Orange - $4,500,000; Project consisting of 13 separate medical suites, lobby renovation, and corridor finishes' all running concurrent throughout a new 7 story medical building. Each suite was issued a separate timeline schedule showing a total duration ranging from 8 to 12 weeks based on size, value, and scope.  The new corridor and lobby finishes were also being interfaced in to those timelines as each floor was delivered.

Hoag Hospital

Hoag Hospital, Newport Beach,California - Numerous medical office construction projects for Hoag Hospital affiliated Doctor's and services.  Projects range in size from $100,000 to $500,000.  Higlights include exam rooms, xray facilities, plumbing, air, labs, etc.

Ariaee Dentistry

Airaee Dentistry, Irvine - $350,000; A 1,400 square foot highly improved dental office with stone walls throughout the lobby and restrooms, specialized lighting, sliding glass herculite exam room doors, television and computer monitors, extensive cabinetry built to accommodate lab areas, and glass walls throughout. Includes the standard dental features of x-ray, gas, suction, plumbing and electrical through the chairs and dental lighting.

Dr. Ris & Dr. Lundberg

Dr. Ris & Dr. Lundberg, Irvine - $300,000; Build out of a state of the art Podiatric facility including exam & treatment rooms. The office has digital x-rays and microscopes, as well as recessed cabinetry, rollout shelves and a flat-screen monitor station. The building has an open feel with an abundance of windows, glass panel doors and rounded granite reception counter. This consisted of 2 approximately 3,500 square feet office spaces, this renovation also included a new floor plan, layout, enlarging the lab facilities, new treatment rooms, and business and office finishes.

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics, Southern California Locations - Remodel and new construction for Quest Diagnostics' various of client service blood draw and testing centers locations.